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Sedation Dentistry Services Near New Hope, MNThe fear of pain in the course of dental treatment has caused millions of people to avoid regular visits. This anxiety results in unnecessary dental neglect, worsening of dental conditions, and future pain and expense. While it is unfortunate, it is preventable, and we can help!

If you exhibit any of the following characteristics, “Sedation Dentistry” may help you:

  • Fear of dental treatment
  • History of traumatic dental experiences
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Extremely sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental problems
  • Experience sweaty palms or find yourself gripping the armrests of the dentist chair
  • You need complex treatment requiring long dental appointments

Sedation Dentistry can help you overcome the fears that stop you from seeking the dental care you need. Our office offers “sedation dentistry” and we would be pleased to discuss the options with you. Call now for a FREE Sedation Consult, we will take care of you. (763) 746 9033

Patients who are on other medications should consult with their medical doctor before taking sedatives. Previous allergic reactions to other drugs should also be reported to the sedation dentist.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right For You?

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

It’s important to know that a visit to the dentist can be a positive experience, even when treatment is necessary. Modern dentistry now offers safe, effective, and comfortable treatments to anxious and fearful patients.

Sedation dentistry is used to provide a relaxing and anxiety-free experience when receiving dental treatment. It enables individuals too afraid to go to the dentist to receive the dental care they need while avoiding the common apprehension known as dental phobia. We can make your dental visit a positive experience and help you improve the health of your teeth and give you the confidence you need to smile again!

Unlike General Anesthesia, where a patient is completely unconscious, patients under Conscious Sedation are able to respond to commands and breath on their own.

There are actually 14 different ways that sedation drugs can be administered. There are two primary ways that Sedation is administered in the Dental Office:

1. Enteral Conscious Sedation “Orally Administered Sedation”, sometimes called ”Sedation Dentistry” is administered by taking a pill. All body functions remain normal and the person is able to breathe on their own. The patient will often fall asleep. Some degree of amnesia is common. The disadvantage with this method of sedation, is that the level of sedation for each person is not predictable.

2. Inhalation Conscious Sedation, Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation also known as “laughing gas”. This is the most frequently used sedation method used in dentistry. All bodily functions remain normal and the person is able to breathe on their own. The patient will often fall asleep and experience some degree of amnesia about what happened during their dental appointment. Inhalation Sedation has been used my dentists for many years.

3. IV Sedation also known as Deep Conscious Sedation is usually used by Oral Surgeons and dentists with specialized training and special certification. With this type of sedation, medications are administered directly into the blood stream. The greatest advantage of IV Sedation is that if someone is not sedated enough, the doctor can administer more medication and the effects are instantaneous. IV Sedation is not used commonly in most dental offices because of the specialized advanced training required and the requirements for certification by the State Board of Dentistry. The drugs used for IV Sedation are more effective then the same drugs taken orally. There is a more profound amnesia associated with this technique.

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COVID-19 Update

It is our top priority to maintain proper health and safety precautions for our staff and patients. We are following the Minnesota Board of Dentistry recommendations and the regulations set out by Governer Walz and we are only seeing emergency dental visits. Emergency Dental appointments are available for a limited time each day, by appointment (so please call ahead), and are open to new and existing patients. We ask that if you are sick with any possible signs of a cold, flu, or Covid-19, that you go to call your medical doctor first. We will perform screenings prior to appointment and during your appointment. We reserve the right to turn down services and refer you to an emergency room at the Dentist’s discretion.

Please call ahead as patients will be seen by appointment only and to ensure that we are a able to accommodate your needs.

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